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Finally A Breakthrough In Android App Creation That Will Have You Cranking Out Apps Faster Than You Can Submit Them With
No Monthly Fees!

Over the past year you've no doubt heard about the booming Android app publishing business model. No doubt about it publishing Android apps is the easiest way to earn consistent passive income.

But theres a catch to creating these little money pumping oil wells - unless you wanted to pay a monthly fee to create the apps you had to buy or have someone code app creation templates that cost anywhere from $60 to hundreds of dollars each.

Plus to use these templates you have to manually edit them
BEFORE you could create an app from them.

I've spent the last 8 months trying various types of apps and finally figured out what type of apps earn the best and more importantly the ones that will earn a consistent passive income month after month.

The Problem Was Even Though I knew What Was Working
And Earning Money
I Still Had To Manually Edit
And Create Each App!

I just knew I could make the process easier... after months of testing and lots of trial and error I have for you today the absolute easiest way to create Android apps - most of them in less than 5 minutes!


With this revolutionary piece of software you'll be able to crank out apps faster than you can publish them - Seriously!

Just load up the main dashboard and choose which type of app you want to create and in a simple two step process you'll have a completely ready to use Android app template ready to compile the app and publish

With Mobi-Fire Creator Suite You'll Be Able To Create Great Apps Like These:

eBook Apps:

Take Those PDF eBooks Gathering Digital Dust On Your Hard Drive And Turn Them Into Easy Passive Money Makers And You Never Have To Sell Even One To Earn From Them.

Plus Using My Templates You Can Link To Your Facebook Fanpage, Twitter Profile and Your Youtube Channel!

It Just Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This To Turn Those eBooks Doing Nothing For You Now Into Easy Little Money Makers For You.

Video Apps:

In My Video App Template You'll Be Able To Create Easy Apps From Youtube Searches, User Channels or Playlists Automatically.

You Can Add A Video Page To Your eBook Apps and Have A Killer App That Will Grow In Popularity Day by Day.

Plus As An Added Bonus I'll Give You A Video Page Generator That Makes Them Dynamic And Auto Updating. So You Never Have To Worry About Updating Them Once Published!

Niche Apps:

Even The Greenest Of Newbie Internet Marketers Know That Niche Websites Are Where The Easy Money Is At.

How Would You Like To Tap Into Another Traffic Medium Of Hot Anxious Money In Hand Buyers All For Free?

Use My Niche App Template And Turn Those Niche Websites and Blogs Into Apps. Best Of All Not Only Can You Monetize The Website Itself But You Can Monetize The App And Get Paid For People Visiting Your Niche Website EVEN If They Never Buy A Thing!

Business Apps:

Last But Not Least Lets Not Forget About Creating Apps For Local Small Businesses.

If You're In Need Of Quick Cash This Is The Way To Get It. Most Local Small Businesses Would Love To Get Extra Traffic From The Mobile Market.

Here's Your Chance To Give That To Them. Charge Anywhere From $99 And Up To Create Their Own Custom App That Takes You Less Than 10 Minutes.

Plus If They Tell You They Don't Have A Mobile Website You Can Offer The App Creation As A Bonus For Letting You Set Them One Up!

Also Included As An Extra Bonus
A Custom Made Airpush Template!!

What's Airpush You Might Be Asking?

Everyone Thats Been Into App Creation For Any Length Of Time Knows That Google's Admob Is The Most Used Ad Network For Monetizing Mobile Apps.

The Problem Is Though With Admob You Have To Wait 45 Days To Get Paid.

Wouldn't It Be Nice If You Could Get Paid Every Week Instead? With The Airpush Ad Network You Can!

With This Generic Template You'll Be Able To Create Video, eBook, Niche Apps Using This Special  Custom Made Template And Start Getting Paid Next Week!

But Wait I'm Not Done Yet!

Extra Added Bonus: The Original Magic 8 Ball Source Code!

Remember That Mysterious Magic 8 Ball?

The Magic 8 Ball is a hollow plastic sphere resembling an oversize, black and white 8-ball. It was first used as a fortune telling device in the 1940 Three Stooges short, "You Nazty Spy", in which it was referred to as a "magic ball". Sometime in the 1950s it was materialized outside of Hollywood as a toy for children.

To use the ball, it must be held with the window initially facing down. After "asking the ball" a yes-no question, the user then turns the ball so that the window faces him, setting in motion the liquid and die inside. When the die floats to the top and one of its faces is pressed against the window, the raised letters displace the blue liquid to reveal the mysterious answer as white letters on a blue background.

Of course this had to be adapted to modern day by making a mobile app version. As a bonus you'll get the complete source code to this amazing app that still is a phenomena among the young and old.

Now you might be asking "What can I do with this?"

Take a look at one variation I made below...

I took the original source code and added my own custom phrases to it which were quotes from Quagmire of the popular TV show Family Guy.

But I didn't stop there.

I also added sound to it and when you shake the mobile device you get to hear Quagmire's most famous "Giggity, giggity, giggity" catch phrase as well.

Want To Try It Out? Click Here To Get From My Google Play Store For Free

To top it all off I monetized it with Admob ads.

This one app brings in an average of $1.50 to $5 every single day on autopilot.

Not only do you get the original Magic 8 Ball app source code but I'm also going to throw in my modified version so you can build your own custom Magic 8 Ball apps.

Okay so this all well and fine but heres the thing...

Even As Simple As I've Made It With My Template Editors This Business IS NOT For Everyone.

Why Is That You Ask?

No matter what anyone tells you there simply is no push a button app creation system that will earn you any money. To be serious about Android app creation you ARE going to have to be a little tech savvy.

If you struggle to get through opening and creating a Word document then this probably isn't for you.

If you type with two fingers and can barely get through replying to an email then this is not for you.

Simply put YOU MUST be able and willing to install the necessary Android development tools and learn to use them or this will not ever make you a dime.

I'm not trying to discourage anybody but I want to be upfront and say that you have to know a little more than the average secretary to use these templates and profit from them.

But If You've Been Paying Monthly Fees To Create Android Apps
Theres A Good Chance This Is Exactly What You Need

Here Is What You'll Get With Your Purchase Today...

#1) My Mobi-Fire Creator Suite Dashboard
This Includes 5 Template Program Editors For Creating The Top 4 Highest Earning Android Apps. A Simple Two Step Process That Will Have You Cranking Out Android Apps In As Little As Five Minutes.

#2) My Video Page Generator
Use These Scripts To Generate Auto Updating Video Apps That Once Published Stay Up To Date. (Note: Auto Updating Doesn't Work For Playlist Generated Video Pages).

#3)  My Customized Magic 8 Ball Template (Monetized With Admob)
Includes the original template and the Admob enables version with sound. Use your imagination and come up with some really viral spin-offs for this template. Anyone that you can gather a set of quotes from you can customize this template for a really unique app.

#4) Four Part Video Instruction
Everything from A-Z in using my template editors  to importing them and finally compiling an app. Also included are two bonus videos showing you how to customize the Magic 8 Ball template and another on how to create an eBook app using all free tools.

PLEASE NOTE: This Product Sale Is For My Templates and The Accompanying Editors ONLY. There Is No Content For Your Apps Included In This Sale.

What About Bonuses, Are There Any Bonuses?

Sure There Are...Here's What You'll Get As Bonuses:

Bonus #1
Complimentary Info and Getting Started PDFs
Four Part Complementary PDFs That Explain Most Everything In Details On App Creation And The Process Involved.

Bonus #2
Five Proven Strategies For Making Money With Android Apps.
While this sale is not about how to make money with these templates and your apps I wanted to share with you the ways I am making money with them. You can do any or all of these strategies and you will make money.

Bonus #3
Bonus PLR To A Template That Would Cost You Thousands To Produce On Your Own
I don't want to go into detail about what this secret bonus is but to some its considered the holy grail of app creation. The good news is you can use this template as sort of a PLR to creating an app. Change out the title, the graphics and maybe a few other things and you will have one of the most coveted type of apps everyone wants to create.

Okay, so whats this going to cost you're wondering.

First let me say that if you know anything at all about buying templates or paying a programmer to do coding you know neither one is cheap.

If you bought one of these templates over on say Codecanyon for example you'd pay a minimum of $60 for an extended license to use the template. If you paid a programmer to code even one of these templates it would cost you $200 minimum.

So just with the templates themselves without any of the easy two step editors
you'll spend at least $300 for templates like these!

But here today you can get all 5 templates with the easy editors AND all three bonuses for...

Mobi-Fire Creator Suite Pre-Order

Now there is a catch to this sale ...And that is due to the nature of what you are getting (unencrypted template source code) there are NO REFUNDS available what so ever. If you don't think you can comfortable create an Android app from a template or are not willing to outsource the process (yes, this could be easily outsourced) then DO NOT buy this product.

This sale won't last forever. In fact I WILL be pulling this offer down soon and relaunching later at a much higher price. If you've been paying a monthly fee to create apps like these then here is your chance to put an end to all of that.

Mobi-Fire Creator Suite Pre-Order

Please Note: This sale is for my templates and the easy editors only. There is no content included for your apps. You are completely responsible for providing content for your apps.

The Template Editors and Dashboard Is A Windows Only Program (Sorry MAC Users). The Actual Program That Loads and Compiles The Apps (Eclipse) Is Provided By The Google Android Development team. We Do Not Provide Support For Eclipse, We Only Provide Support For The Templates and The Editors.


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